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Title: Apocalypse JPM


Build Stub:9 wizard/1 warblade/10 Jade Phoenix Mage

1 : Wizard 1:Explosive Spell, Snowcasting

2 : Wizard 3:Energy Substitution electricity

3 : Wizard 5:Wild Talent

4 : Wizard 6: Psycarnum infusion

5 : Wizard 9:Midnight metamagic

6 : Warblade 10:Weapon aptitude, manuevers Disarming Strike, Iron Heart Surge, Steel Wind and Blood in the Water

7 : JPM 11:Arcane wrath, Burning Blade manuever

8 : JPM 12:Mystic phoenix stance, practiced spellcaster

9 : JPM 13:Searing charge manuever

10 : JPM 14:Empowering strike

11 : JPM 15:Leaping Flame manuever, Flame's blessing stance, Eschew Material

12 : JPM 16:Firebird stance

13 : JPM 17:Ring of fire manuever

14 : JPM 18:Quickening stike, Extraordinary Spell Aim

15 : JPM 19:Salamander charge manuever

16 : JPM 20:Emerald immolation

Thank to eschew materials who need snow for Snowcasting. The wizard expend a focus to add explosive and born of three thunder to Apocalypse. Our wizard meets with a hapless target and do a empowering strike on Born of the Three Thunders Explosive Apocalypse from the Sky. The hapless target fails both saves from BoTT, and is promptly blasted into the horizon.

At a caster level of 20, AftS has an area of 200 miles; exactly the distance that the hapless target must be moved to get out of the spell’s area, which equates to 1,056,000 feet. Since Explosive spell deals 1d6 damage per 10 feet moved, the hapless target takes 158,400d6 damage (thanks to Empower Spell). The caster is not affected due to Extraordinary Spell Aim. Otherwise there's Emerald Immolation for the suicidal. I carefully read the snowcasting feat in Frostburn and I'm not seeing ditching the artifact requirement unless snow is meant to replace all component? Anyway assuming a good artifact, this JPM can kill everyone in a 200 miles area boom.