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Human Evoker (Focused Specialist, Counterfire) 5 / Master Specialist 7 / Abjurant Champion 4 / Master Specialist 3 / Archmage 1 (Mastery of Shaping) - By Cantrip


Traits - Spellgifted (Evocation), Passionate

  • Flaws - Combat Casting, Empower Spell // Gullible, Grudge Keeper
  • Human - Militia
  • 1st - Spell Focus (Evocation)
  • 3rd - Battlecaster Defense
  • 5th - (Wizard Bonus Feat) Metamagic School Focus (Evocation)
  • 6th - (Master Specialist) Skill Focus (Spellcraft) + Quicken Spell
  • 8th - (Master Specialist) Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)
  • 9th - Arcane Strike
  • 12th - Easy Metamagic (Quicken)
  • 15th - Mobile Spellcasting
  • 18th - Spell Focus (Abjuration)

More info:[]

CL: 19 (23 for Evocation).

Full Attack: +11/+6/+1 (+20/+15/+10/+5 with Divine Power) with a +5 Holy Weapon.

Expanded Spellbook: Divine Power, Holy Sword, Miracle.

Prohibited Schools: Illusion, Enchantment, Necromancy.


Questionable Rules:[]

Expanded Spellbook may be used to pick a spell from any spell list. (Since errata'd to be explicitly banned. Perhaps use Recaster or some other source to get the necessary divine spells onto the arcane spell list?)

Tricks of the trade:[]

You can cast Holy Sword, Divine Power and any other Wizard buff you can imagine and go postal with Arcane Strike.
What's more, you can get freaking Miracles, with no one to answer to, which means you can cast almost any spell from any list.
You get most the perks AC gets, and are a freaking Archmage!
And lets not forget you haven't lost even a single spellcaster level, so you're a menace even without any tricks.