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Title: Human Cleric of Brute Force
Required Books: Complete Divine, PHB

Wis > Cha > Con > Int > Str > Dex

Cleric 3 / Church Inquisitor 10 / Contemplative 7
Domains: Planning (Complete Divine) and War

  • Cleric 1: Turn Undead, Extend Spell (Planning), Martial Weapon Proficiency (x) (War), Weapon Focus (x) (War), Persistant Spell (Complete Arcane) (Human), Divine Metamagic (Complete Divine)
  • Cleric 2:
  • Cleric 3: Power Attack
  • Church Inquisitor 1(4): Detect Evil, Inquisition Domain
  • Church Inquisitor 2(5): Immune to Charms
  • Church Inquisitor 3(6): Pierce Illusion, Extra Turning
  • Church Inquisitor 4(7): Pierce Disguise
  • Church Inquisitor 5(8): Immune to Complusions
  • Church Inquisitor 6(9): Force Shapechange, Quicken Spell
  • Church Inquisitor 7(10):
  • Contemplative 1(11): Divine Health, Bonus Domain: Destiny (Races of Destiny)
  • Contemplative 2(12): Slippery Mind, Domain Spontaneity (Destiny)
  • Contemplative 3(13): Divine Wholeness
  • Contemplative 4(14):
  • Contemplative 5(15): Divine Body, Sudden Quicken
  • Contemplative 6(16): (Bonus Domain - Travel or Time)
  • Contemplative 7(17): Divine Soul
  • Church Inquisitor 8(18): Immunity to Possession, Power Critical
  • Church Inquisitor 9(19): Discern Lies
  • Church Inquisitor 10(20): Learn the Truth

Utilize persistant Divine Might and go to town. I recommend picking a Diety with a good two handed martial weapon to maximize Power Attack The Inquisition Domain has a very nice spell list, with things like Domainate Person, Suggestion, etc which can be game changing if played correctly.
The Church Inquisitor has 4+Int skill points per level and a decent skill list.
Adding in the bonus domains from the Contemplative can make this build over the top powerful. Some suggested domains include:

- Good ability, great spells like Teleport, Dim Door, Fly, etc

- Imp Init, good spells like Haste and Time Stop

- Nice ability, Poly Any Object at 8th level

- Blah ability, Anti-magic field and Mind Blank as spells

- Blah ability, Disintegrate at 7th level

- Good ability, good if used correctly spells

- Add skills to class list, good spells, Invis, Poly any Object and Time Stop