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These saves measure your ability to stand up to physical punishment or attacks against your vitality and health. Apply your Constitution modifier to your Fortitude saving throws.

It is generally calculated by

1d20+Constitution Modifier+Class bonus

This save is usually used to resist spells, poisons, and disease. The easiest ways to boost it is to raise your Constitution score, and therefore your Con Mod, or to take a small dip into a class that adds +2 at first level to this save.

Raising your Fortitude Save can be done in a variety of ways, you can

- Put your stat point from every 4th level into Constitution

- Cast bears endurance or similar spells

- Go into a Barbarians Rage

Items that can raise your Fortitude Save

- Amulet of Health (DMG pg. 246)

- Cloak of resistance (DMG pg. 253)

- Vest of resistance (MIC pg. 147)

- Stamina armor property (MIC PG. 15)

- Potion of Bears Endurance

Feats that can raise your Fortitude Save

- Great Fortitude (PHB pg.94)

- Steadfast Determination (PHB 2 pg.83)

- Luck of Heroes ( Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting pg. 36)

Classes and Prestige Classes that add to or can increase Fortitude Saves

- Citadel Elite level 5 (Eberron p. 165)

- Impure Prince 4 (Magic of Eberron p. 74)

- Akodo Champion 2 (Oriental Adv. p. 220/0

- Blackguard 2 (DMG pg. 181)

- Corrupt Avenger 3 (Heroes of Horror pg. 88)

- Gwenyfhar (BoED p.56)

- Exemplar 4 (Complete Adv. p.44)

- Hexblade 2 (Complete Warrior p5)

- Holy Liberator 4 (Complete Divine p.45)

- Martyred Champion 4 (Players guide to Faerun p.184)

- Master of Yuirwood 9 (Unapproachable East p.24)

- Paladin 2 (PHB p.42)

- Shaman 5 (Oriental Adv. p.24)

- Slayer of Domiel 2( BoED p.73)

- Soldier of Light ( Deities & Demigods p.208)

- Witch Hunter (OA p.54)