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Jump is the skill used to "leap over pits, vault low fences, or reach a tree's lowest branches". Improve it enough and you can leap over chasms, vault high fences and jump onto a tree's branches.

Using Jump[]

When performing a long jump, you can cover a horizontal distance equal to your skill check (if you have a 20-foot run-up) or half your skill check (no run-up); at the highest point of the jump (the midpoint), you rise to a height of one quarter the horizontal distance covered. Failure by less than 5 means you miss but can grab the far side (Reflex DC 15).

When performing a high jump, you rise to a height equal to one quarter of your skill check (if you have a 20-foot run-up) or one eighth of your skill check (no run-up). You can hop up to waist height with a DC 10 Jump check.

If you perform an untrained Jump check, you fall prone unless you beat the DC by 5 or more. (This arguably only makes sense for long jumps.)

Basic modifiers[]

Str is the default ability score that applies its ability modifier to Jump. Other ability modifiers are applied by:

  • Agile AthleteRotW: Dex instead of Str

Jump is a class skill for the following classes:

Jump gains synergy from the following skills:

  • TumblePHB

Your movement speed is a key determiner of your Jump check. For every 10 ft. of speed faster than 30 ft., you gain a +4 bonus to Jump. For every 10 ft. of speed slower than 30 ft., you take a −6 penalty to Jump.


  • HalflingPHB: +2 racial bonus
    • Bear in mind the halfling's 20 ft. speed and −2 racial penalty to Str.
  • RaptoranRotW: +10 racial bonus


  • AcrobaticPHB: +2 untyped bonus
  • Skill Focus (Jump)PHB: +3 untyped bonus
  • RunPHB: +4 untyped bonus after a running start

Spells, powers and invocations[]

Most spells and powers that improve Jump checks do so indirectly by increasing movement speed.

  • JumpPHB: competence bonus of +10 (CL 1-4), +20 (CL 5-8) or +30 (CL 9+)
  • Leaps and BoundsCAr: +6 untyped bonus


  • Boots of Striding and SpringingDMG: +5 competence bonus
    • These boots also grant an enhancement bonus to base land speed.
  • Ring of JumpingDMG: +5 competence bonus