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Justina, Ruby Knight Inquisitorby NatchFeral

A cold, pragmatic beauty, she loathed most of her order, ardently prefering those of other faiths. Still, her zeal for the Ruby Lady knew no bounds, and she was hard-pressed for time to do all that was asked of her. Typically, she made time of a sort, and her flesh, though cold, remains at the service of her goddess forever. Her greatest foes are the thirteen unclean spirits of Kyuss. Time and again she confronts them, sending them back to their temporary prison. This next time, however, she intends to make it permanent, using her new 'ally', the mysterious Jade Phoenix, Aihdan.

Ruby Knight Inquisitor of Wee Jas LG Necropolitan Human with two flaws

Benefits include having access to the abusable archivist spell list, immunity to charms, undead turning, and a nice selection of maneuvers. Epic-Ready with the ability to cast Epic Spells at level 21.

Archivist 4 Church Inquisitor 3 Sacred Exorcist 1 Swordsage 1 Ruby Knight Vindicator 10 Swordsage 2

BAB +15 Saves: +9/+9/+20 Initiator Level: 16 (14 maneuvers, 6 readied, 4 stances) Divine Casting Level: 20 (8th level spells)

Feats: 1st: Martial Stance, Kung Fu Genius, Darkstalker, Practiced Caster 3rd: Combat Reflexes 6th: Power Attack 9th: Martial Study (Foe Hammer) 12th: Shadow Blade 15th: Adaptive Style 18th: Martial Study (Quicksilver Motion)

Swordsage 1 (Ss3) 1st Burning Blade (DW 1)** Child of Shadow (SH 1) Emerald Razor (DM 2)*** Sapphire Nightmare Blade (DM 1)* Mind Over Body (DM 3)**** Counter Charge (SS 1) Devastating Throw (SS 1)

2nd Fool’s Strike (SS 8) Balance on the Sky (SH 8)

Ruby Knight Vindicator (RKV 4,5,6,7,8) 1st none Thicket of Blades (DS 3) 2nd Divine Surge (DS 4) none 4th Bloodletting Strike (SH 5) none 6th Shadow Noose (SH 6) Step of the Dancing Moth (SH 5)# 8th Shadow Blink (SH 7) none 10th One With Shadow (SH8) none