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This is a list of spells from 3.5 that are eligible for the Persistent Spell Feat. They are arranged by class and level.

Cleric 0

Detect Magic (PHB)

Detect Poison (PHB)

Read Magic (PHB)

Cleric 1

Bless (PHB) Bane (PHB) Comprehend Languages (PHB) Deathwatch (PHB) Divine Favor (PHB) Entropic Shield (PHB)

Obscuring Mist (PHB)

Grave Strike (CD) Raptor's Sight (Sky) - RotW

Rooftop Strider (City) - RoD

Scholar's Touch - RoD

Detect Secret Doors (Knowledge) - PHB

Disguise Self (Trickery) - PHB

Expeditous Retreat (Celerity from CD) - PHB

Longstrider (Travel) - PHB