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Not your standard “stand-and-deliver” archer, this build focuses on mobility to increase the effectiveness of your ranged attacks. To avoid XP penalties the character should be either human, half-elf or a species that favors the Ranger class.

   * Ranger 1 - Favored Enemy, Track, Wild Empathy, Point Blank Shot
   * Ranger 2 - Combat Style (Rapid Shot)
   * Ranger 3 - Endurance (Rgr), Precise Shot
   * Ranger 4 - Animal Companion
   * Ranger 5 - Second Favored Enemy
   * Ranger 6 - Combat Style (Manyshot), Greater Manyshot
   * Scout 1 - Skirmish (+1d6), Trapfinding
   * Scout 2 - Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge
   * Scout 3 - Fast Movement +10 ft., Skirmish (+1d6, +1 AC), Trackless Step, Feat
   * H.Stlkr 1 - Mountain Stride
   * H.Stlkr 2 - Skirmish (+2d6, +1 AC)
   * H.Stlkr 3 - Swift Tracker, Feat
   * H.Stlkr 4 - Skirmish (+2d6, +2 AC)
   * H.Stlkr 5 - Surefooted
   * H.Stlkr 6 - Skirmish (+3d6, +2AC), Feat
   * H.Stlkr 7 - Camouflage
   * H.Stlkr 8 - Skirmish (+3d6, +3AC)
   * H.Stlkr 9 - Feat
   * H.Stlkr 10 - Skirmish (+4d6, +3AC)

This build gives you great mobility, enabling you to cover other party members and get clean shots, and allows you to take multiple attacks (Greater Manyshot) with decent bonuses to damage and AC. It also gives you more utility outside of simply being a ranged fighter, since Ranger, Scout, and Highland Stalker all have useful skills and abilities. Also, since a Ranger can use wands, carrying a Wand of Cure Light (or Moderate) Wounds is a fairly effective way of keeping yourself (and your companion) in shape after fighting.

This class tree is decent at all levels, though it really picks up at level 7, with the addition of Skirmish damage. From there it gets consistantly more powerful as it piles on extra precision damage.

Contributed By: Che.

See also Swift Hunter.