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Sorcerers create magic the

way a poet creates poems, with

inborn talent honed by

practice. They have no books, no

mentors, no theories—just raw

power that they direct at will.

Some sorcerers claim that the blood

of dragons courses through their veins.

That claim may even be true in some

cases—it is common knowledge that certain

powerful dragons can take humanoid form and

even have humanoid lovers, and it’s difficult

to prove that a given sorcerer does not have

a dragon ancestor. It’s true that sorcerers

often have striking good looks, usually

with a touch of the exotic that hints

at an unusual heritage. Others

hold that the claim is either an

unsubstantiated boast on the

part of certain sorcerers or

envious gossip on the

part of those who lack

the sorcerer’s gift.