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The Phoenix's Shadow by NineInchNall at COBoards

I see a lot of Jade Phoenix Mage builds in this thread, but none of them, as far as I can tell, makes use of Shadowcraft Mage, so ...

In any case, I'm working on a Jade Phoenix Mage build using ScM. Here's what I've got so far, and suggestions are welcome.

Title: The Phoenix's Shadow

Category: Gish (Caster Focused)

Race: Gnome (rock gnome)

Class Composition: Warblade 1/Bard 4/Fighter 1/Jade Phoenix Mage 9/Sublime Chord 1/Shadowcraft Mage 4

Build Stub: Warblade 1/Bard 4/Fighter 1/Jade Phoenix Mage 4/Sublime Chord 1/Shadowcraft Mage 4/Jade Phoenix Mage +5

Note: If your DM uses CustServ's interpretation (which also happens to be mine) of the Crusader recovery mechanic, then you'd be better off using Crusader rather than Warblade.

===Build Progression:===

Level	Class		Feat(s)
1	Warblade 1	Martial Study (Shadow Hand: Clinging Shadow Strike)
2	Bard 1	
3	Bard 2		Spell Focus (illusion)
4	Bard 3	
5	Bard 4	
6	Fighter 1	Shadow Blade, (Martial Stance: Island of Blades)
7	JPM 1	
8	JPM 2	
9	JPM 3		Earth Sense
10	JPM 4	
11	Sublime Chord 1	
12	ScM 1		Heighten Spell
13	ScM 2	
14	ScM 3	
15	ScM 4		Earth Spell
16	JPM 5	
17	JPM 6	
18	JPM 7		Shadow Trickster
19	JPM 8	
20	JPM 9


ECL)	Feat(s)
1) Martial Study (Shadow Hand: Clinging Shadow Strike)
3) Spell Focus (illusion)
6) Shadow Blade, (Martial Stance: Island of Blades)
9) Earth Sense
12) Heighten Spell
15) Earth Spell
18) Shadow Trickster

===Notable Class Abilities and Features===

    * Epic ready with both +16 BAB and 9th level Sublime Chord spells (caster level 16).
    * Initiator level 15, granting access to an 8th level maneuver of the Desert Wind or Devoted Spirit schools.
    * All illusions are automatically Extended.
    * Constant 35% miss chance (concealment) when not in sunlight - this effect does allow for Hide checks.
    * Shadow Illusion - see the [[Shadowcraft Mage]] Handbook for more information on the importance of this ability.
    * Dex to damage with Shadow Hand weapons (Shadow Blade)
    * Shadow Trickster gives +2 to the save DCs of your illusions.
    * Not a single Warblade or Jade Phoenix Mage maneuver or stance is specifically needed by the build, so you are free to develop your own fighting style.
    * Once per encounter you can Quicken a spell for free.
    * Once per encounter you can Empower a spell for free.
    * You essentially gain two new stances:
          o Mystic Phoenix Stance: increased caster level, +2 AC, and DR X/evil.
          o Firebird Stance: fire resistance, increased caster level for fire spells, and an aura of fire.
    * You can make all Knowledge checks as if trained and get a +2 on all Knowledge checks.
    * Arcane Wrath - basically Arcane Strike.

You end up a sneaky blaster/mind-controller/summoner who can hardly ever be hit and can heal himself during battle (Devoted Spirit maneuvers and stances).