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The Transporter[]

Here's a build by Carnivore on the COBoards it's a solid Two Weapon Fighting build with an focus on passive damage bonus. Also got the nifty ability to teleport quite often making him a dangerous threat to everyone on the battle field. He might suffer a bit from MAD but nothing that a Belt of Magnificiance can't fix !


Stats are very important to this character. Your key stats will be :
Dex : You will get your Dex to Attack and 2xDex to damage. Double that with your Light Armor and Two Weapon Fighting, you are going to need a lot of this !
Int : You get your Int to damage and get a lot of skill points from that, you need a good score here
Con : As a melee character, you need at least a decent score
Str : As always a good score can't hurt but you get much less benefit than a regular fighter
Wis : You do get Wis to AC but nothing to justify spending a lot of ressources here. Still usefull for Will saves
Cha : Nice for flavor but overall not needed at all.

  • For a 32 point buy system: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 10
  • For a 28 point buy system: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 8

All your Level points should go to Dex


   Lvl   Class        CL  BAB  HD    Feat                        Special
   1     Ranger            1    8    Combat Reflexes             Elven Substitution Level, Trapfinding Variant
   2     Ranger            2    8                                Two Weapon Fighting Style
   3     Monk              2    8    Exotic Weapon P (Lightblade)Dodge (Cobra Strike Monk Variant)
   4     Monk              3    8                                Mobility
   5     Swashbuckler      4    10                               Weapon Finesse
   6     Swashbuckler      5    10   Combat Expertise            
   7     Swashbuckler      6    10                               Insightful Strike
   8     Swordsage         6    8 
   9     Swordsage         7    8    Mounted Combat
   10    Crusader          8    10  
   11    Crusader          9    10 
   12    CoCL              9    10   Shadow Blade                Spring Attack
   13    CoCL              10   10                               Elegant Strike
   14    Jaunter           10   8 
   15    Jaunter           11   8    Weapon Focus (Lightblade)
   16    Jaunter           12   8    
   17    Jaunter           13   8    
   18    Exotic Weapon M   14   10   Robilar's Gambit            Weapon Stunt (Twin Exotic Weapon Fighting)
   19    Shadow Dancer     14   6
   20    Shadow Dancer     16   6


This character will have a lot of skill points as well as Trapfinding, if you choose to go Human, Able Learner is a solid choice.

Important Maneuvers/Spells/Powers[]

Swordsage ... 11th lvl Initiator...6th lvl manuvers
Crusader ...... 11th lvl initiator ... 6th lvl manuvers
Also he has Access to a few Shadow Hand manuvers and other Manuvers(Devoted Spirit,White Raven,etc...)... but Shadow Hand also have some Quick Teleport abilities, and great combat manuvers and Stances.

Key Magic Items[]

12000gp(+/-)2 swords =

   1) +1(+5 GMW) Keen Vampiric Speed with Vanishing Kaorti Resin Elven Lightblade 1d6(15-20/x4)
   2)+1(+5 GMW) Keen Vampiric Eager Transmuting with Vanishing Kaorti Resin Elven Lightblade 1d6(15-20/x4)

200000gp +6 belt of magnificense
238770gp 9 points Inherent Bonuses(Wishes cast by 17th lvl Wiz)
10000gp Ring of Avoidance 3/day +20 Deflection AC 1 round
6000gp Ring of Anticipation
43200gp 2x Tooth of Dahlver Nar(Leraje.... cast greater magic weapon @20th Caster level... to give Each Sword +5 Enhancement, that lasts 20 hours)
8000gp Gloves of the Balanced Hand .... give Imp 2 Weapon Fighting
12000gp Boots of Speed


Try these:

Remove :
Shadow Dancer and Exotic Weapon Master

Fighter 2 and Master of the Nine 1

Add: Sun School and Adaptive Style... gain more versatility in Combat... less versatility out of combat

What does the build get you ?[]

Dex to Attack
2x Dex to Damage(CoC 2, and Shadow Blade feat... using Lightblade(Shortsword)
Str to Damage
Int to Damage
Wis to AC
Dex to AC

BAB +16
Attack bonus = 16 (BAB)+ 11 (DEX) +5 (Enhancement) +1 (Haste) -1 TWF (Twin Exotic)= +32
Full Attack with TWF/ITWF and Speed Weapon =
Main Hand : +32/+32/+27/+22/+17 Off Hand +32/+27 and 11 AoO @+32 Robilars Gambit

basically he gets 14 Attacks @ +32 and +27/+27/+22/+17 ... all doing Average +47 Damage each Hit .... if all hit he does 846 Damage/round..not too bad for a 2 Weapon Finesse fighter who doesnt need Power Attack, and he heals 18d6 per round if all hit ..... this doesnt even take into consideration Martial Manuvers from Swordsage or Crusader

+35 to Damage without counting Weapon Enhancements or anything other than Attributes, total Weapon Damage= +35+ 5 enhancement +1d6 Vampiric +1d6 Weapon= Average +47 Damage each Hit


If there isn't one already, create a thread for discussion of the build and link to it here.